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Cumming, GA, is located 40 miles north of Atlanta alongside Georgia’s beautiful Lake Lanier. The city of Cumming, GA's population doubles every workday as approximately 8,500 people travel to jobs in Cumming where business is thriving, the public school system is excellent, and a wide variety of recreational activities are available and affordable.

The tourism industry is a large source of business revenue in Cumming, GA because Lake Lanier attracts more than 7.5 million vacationers every year. Cumming and Forsyth County benefited from the development of Lake Lanier in many ways, the city contains a considerable amount of valuable prime lakefront property and homes are increasing in value rapidly. Between 2000 and 2007, property values in Cumming appreciated by an average of 60%, Forsyth County was ranked as the fastest growing county in Georgia, and Cumming was ranked as one of the top 10 fastest growing cities in America.

One popular residential development theme in Cumming is golf oriented communities where residents have preferred access to private golf courses, swimming pools, tennis courts, and many other recreational amenities. Another relatively new development theme involves commercial and residential spaces that are integrated into one self-contained community in which people live, work, play and socialize with each other. Cumming also contains an architecturally attractive blend of single family detached homes on relatively large properties that are fairly evenly distributed throughout the price range of $150,000 to a million dollars. With the excellent public school system provided by Forsyth County and the multitude of recreational sports activities that are available in Cumming and all around Lake Lanier, Cumming has become known as one of the most desirable places to live in northern Georgia.


Tina Hecht has been a real estate agent, representing the interests of home owners in the Forsyth and North Fulton counties since 2003. With honesty and integrity among Tina’s greatest strengths, she easily wades through the emotions and issues that can present themselves during the process, revealing the basic truth, and ultimately fostering a better transaction for everyone involved. Buying and selling a home can be a very emotional and confusing process and Tina has proven to be a clear-headed, realistic presence during what can be a very stressful time.

Tina has the reputation as a fierce negotiator and protector of her clients’ needs. Whether working for a buyer or seller, she works tirelessly to ensure her clients move beyond the sale happy and with no regrets. She is not afraid to go after what is in her clients best interest and works diligently to ensure her clients’ interests are protected above all else.

Tina has tremendous confidence in her abilities and her knowledge of the market is always spot-on. She has an uncanny understanding of the real estate market and economy trends and uses her skills to price a home correctly and/or negotiate a fair market price for buyers. No matter the situation, she can take a look at the market data and prepare a plan that works – for both a buyer and seller.

With systems in place to ensure her listings are marketed at the very highest level, both online and in print, communication with clients through reports and personal service, and readiness to serve, Tina Hecht is the agent of choice for so many in the Metro Area.

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